Be it over dinner or a cup of coffee, statistics say that community usually takes place around a table. That's why our motto for community at The Well is: "There is room for you at the table..." 

Table Groups at The Well are about quality over quantity. More than growing numbers, our mission is to live a life in community characterized by:

  • Authenticity: We don’t wear masks. Group members share their fears and failures and love one another through them.
  • Interdependence: Not codependence, but a healthy dose of relying on one another and being reliable.
  • Mission: Serving together, outside the walls of The Well.

We believe if these three things happen during Table Groups, there will be life transformation through Jesus' Gospel.

  1. Eat: Share a meal together.
  2. Grow: Spend time in community around God's word together.
  3. Pray: Spend significant time praying for one another.

Click here for our weekly table group questions.


Frequently asked questions about Table Groups at The Well.

1. What curriculum do you use for small groups? We do not use a curriculum. Or groups are "sermon based," which means the discussion is centered around the message from Sunday. Participants can download the questions for the current week starting at 12:00pm on Sunday afternoon at

2. Where do Table Groups take place? Our table groups most frequently take place at host homes. However, some groups meet at different locations.

3. What if I don't like the group that I join? That is perfectly okay. Each participant can opt out and inquire about another group whenever they want, however we do encourage participants to wait until after the current sermon series to move.

4. Do table hosts receive any training? Yes, once a month our table hosts participate in a 1-hr training after church to help better equip them for hosting their group.

5. Are the groups co-ed or gender specific? We have learned that people go deeper when they are in gender specific groups. Therefore, the majority of our table group gatherings are gender specific. However, most groups will have a family meal together, and then break out into gender specific groups after the meal. There are times when are groups have co-ed events.

6. What about child care? Some groups may have childcare provided, other groups may not. 

***To learn more about our Table Group hosts, where they meet, when they meet please click the button below.