About 2 1/2 years ago, Alice and I began praying about what would be next for us with respect to ministry. I had served as a youth pastor at my home church for almost 6 years and as much as we loved serving students, we began to feel a tug from God for me to move into Pastoral ministry. As we began listing the "must haves" for us to be willing to pastor an existing church... (on the list were gospel centered, multi-ethnic, intergenerational, economically diverse, community evolvement, etc) we realized that it would take a lot to find the "perfect" existing church to pastor. We decided to continue to pray for clarity.

A few weeks later, God began to put on my heart the idea of church planting. As we continued to pray and fast, God began to confirm this call for our family and as a result, we began this journey of seeking answers from God to four important questions: 

What does this church plant need to be about? 

Where does this church plant need to take place?

Who needs to join us on this journey?

When should we pull the trigger?

Over the next year, Alice and I spent countless evenings praying, seeking wisdom and dreaming about this church plant and God began to give us understanding and clarity.

So today, we proudly present to you THE WELL CHURCH OF KELLER.