Trip to Little Rock (Leadership Team) April 25th-26th.

Wow...all we see can say is WOW! We had an amazing time in Little Rock, AR. About half of our Leadership Team journeyed together to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet and observe a Christ Centered, Disciple-Making, Multi-Ethnic, Socio-Economically Diverse Church called, Mosaic Church. Our pastor is being mentored by the Pastor/ Founder of Mosaic Church, Dr. Mark DeYmaz the author of "Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church" and "Ethnic Blends: Mixing Diversity into your local church."


We had the opportunity to set down with the Elders and Pastors on staff at Mosaic Church on Saturday night to answer any leadership level questions we had. We were able to connect our children's director with their children's director, finance team with their, etc. We also had a chance to eat some delicious Arkansas BBQ:) Sunday morning we had another meeting with Mark DeYmaz and the worship pastor to discuss worship service. We were reminded of the importance of celebrating our differences in culture instead of running away from them. Many times churches expect people to "assimilate" into the way they do things, instead of being more "accommodative." After this meeting, we went into the worship services and had the opportunity to observe and participate in the Mosaic Church service. At the end of the message Pastor DeYmaz called us up and the church prayed for The Well Church Keller. We also had a chance to tour the facilities and we also toured the new facility across the street that they will be moving into soon. 

Our pastor also had the privilege of attending the Kainos Conference in Memphis, TN earlier that week. This conference was for church planters, pastors and churches that are, or desire to be multi-ethnic. This conference is led by Bryan Lorritts, another voice in the Multi-Ethnic movement. Some of the conference speakers included Matt Chandler, Derwin Gray, Soong-Chan Rah, Michael Emerson, etc.