Your Monthly Update (April 19th)

We had an amazing meeting last week. For those of you who were unable to attend, here is a quick update. Our pastor had the privilege of meeting with the Mayor of Keller recently over lunch to discuss the mission/ vision and launch of The Well Church Keller. As a result, Mayor Mark Matthews attended our last Launch Team meeting on April 19th in The Keller Library Conference Room, in order to share his vision for Keller, and to thank us for planting such a needed church in this community of Keller. As we listened to the mayor, we were informed that our mission/ vision for Keller, is very much in line with the direction the city is moving. We were also reminded of the need for more Christ-Centered, Multi-Ethnic churches in and around the world. 

We also spent some time discussing the needs for The Well Church Keller with respect to giving, and volunteers. We are in need of approximately $25,000 in order to launch The Well Church Keller in September of this year. We are also in need of about 25+ volunteers in order to be prepared for our Launch on September 13th. As you are praying about your role in the launch of The Well Church Keller, we ask that you consider helping us reach this goal. We concluded by inviting our Launch Team to volunteer in the needed areas listed below.

Set up/Break down team (4-6 people), Parking Lot Team (3-4 people), Greeter Team (8-10 people), Children's Ministry Team (8-16 people), Production Team (3-4 people).

Also, the following is a list of items that we will be purchasing soon in order to Launch big in September. Please consider helping us purchase these items. Click here for a link to GIVE.

Bar Tables (7)$420.00

Parking Cones (15)$135.00

Parking Vests (6)$30.00

2-Way Radio (6)$90.00 DONATED

Sidewalk Sign (5)$510.00

Yard Signs (20)$80.26

Banner Stands (4)$316.00

Ipad Air (2)$1,000.00

Name tag printer (2)$200.00

lanyards/ tags$450.00

Drum shield$300.00




Monitor System$1,500.00

Travel Cases$1,200.00

Cables/ Connections$1,000.00

Video Camera$900.00

TV Screens (2)/ stand$1,200.00


Tables for Kids (2)$250.00

Chairs for Kids (10)$250.00

Play Panels (8)$845.00

Truck Wrap$1,700.00

Flag Banners$614.00

On Screen Advertisement$2,800.00

First Time Welcome Packets$500.00

Connection Cards$400.00

Offering Baskets (10)$70.00

Communion Tables (4)$100.00 DONATED

Name Tags (1000)$50.00

Pack N Play (2)$250.00 DONATED

Rug for Kids Min$200.00

High Chair (2)$80.00

Swing for Kids (2)$120.00

Exersaucer (2)$80.00

Chairs (50)$500.00


Apple Macbook Pro $2,000.00 DONATED