Your Monthly Update (May 17th)

We had a phenomenal Launch Team Meeting yesterday. For those of you who were unable to attend, please join us for our June 14th Launch Team Meeting at The Keller Library.

We began the meeting (as always) with a time of prayer, repentance and communion. Then our pastor spent some time reminding us that we are simply 130 days away from our Launch. Time is flying away...

We then had a time of connection where Bob Robinson led us in an ice breaker game. Then, Darryl Claiborne gave us our financial update. (Click here for a copy of the packet). Darryl also shared the fundraising campaign called, "Make a Ripple!" This campaign is to help The Well, remain in a healthy financial position. We will be having two monthly fundraising meet and greets, where our pastor and family will meet with families/ friends to share the mission/vision of The Well, and then ask them to consider partnering with The Well through prayer and or financial giving.  


Following the financial update, Jon Berestecky shared with us our June service opportunity in which we will be helping to meet the needs of some of God's Children in Keller. This event is on Saturday, June 6th from 9-11am (More details to come). After this presentation, Drew Sher shared about the prayer team and how our prayer team will be receiving prayer requests from the team and from our community and someone from the prayer team will be lifting these prayers up on a daily basis.

Following Drew, we broke out into our Launch Teams to continue the process of preparing for the launch of The Well Church Of Keller. remember, its never too late to join the team:) Hope to see you next month!