THIS CHRISTMAS: Unwrapping the Names of Jesus

Alpha and Omega


Jesus is the alpha and the omega; the a and the z; the beginning and the end; the whole enchilada; the whole kit and kaboodle; the big kahuna; the one who is, who was, and who is to come; the one through whom all was created and the one who will bring creation back to its fullness and completion; he is from everlasting to everlasting. Jesus is the visionary and the finisher. He’s the author and finisher of our faith.

Jesus, you created me. You sustain me. You complete me.

You built me, fashioned me with your own hands. Help me to grasp this, to understand how involved and careful you were as you chose the way you would create me, how you carefully considered and chose each attribute, every trait, each gift, and then carefully measured the exact amounts and combined them perfectly to make me who I am.

You sustain me, giving me every breath and every heartbeat and every blink I need today. You give me the energy to think and work, to decide and act, to move and to be still. You give me rest at the end of every long day, and you wake me up again to live another day. Help me to grasp just how deeply you are involved in all the life functions I take completely for granted.

You complete me. You pick up where I leave off in every area. Where I can’t make change stick, you bring me lasting change. Where I can’t get healthy, you bring healing. Where I can’t pay the price for my wrong, you pay the penalty for me. Where I am dead, you bring life. Where I’m hopeless, you bring freedom and victory. Help me to grasp just how powerful and willing you are to be all I need and more.

I want to know just how far your reach is in my life; help me see how you created me, help me see how you are at work now; help me see how you are the one who brings completion and fulfillment in my life.

Thank you, Lord, for being my all in all. Thank you for being my creator, sustainer, and finisher. Thank you for coming to where I live to pull me out of my mess and give me life! You are my everything, and you are worthy to be praised!

In your neverending name, Alpha and Omega,