The Week of March 12th 2018

From Sunday's sermon, "Faith in your heart, is evident through the fruit of your works."

Meditate on this prayer, then listen to Sunday's sermon below...

faith%2Fworks sermon series slides.jpg

"Father, I claim to have faith! Would you please show me one way that my faith has become real and can be seen in something I have done? Thank you for helping me to do that, and thank you for sharing that evidence of my living faith. And now, would you please show me a way I can feed and clothe, encourage and sustain you… by feeding and clothing, encouraging and sustaining those around me? Grow my living faith, please God, by helping me to act and work in love." 

Would you be willing to write down what God shows you about how you are already acting out the faith that is in you? And then write down anything he shows you about what new thing you can do? Does this dovetail at all with what he showed you last week about favoritism, judgment, and mercy?