The Week of March

Take a moment to read James 3:1-12


Father, in every area of my life and in every circumstance where I teach, counsel, or guide others, help me to be humble and teachable because I know more is expected of the teacher than the student. I’m learning that my tongue -- the words I speak and the tone in which I speak them -- is the thermometer that reveals the health of my heart. I can’t control my tongue consistently or completely, Lord, but I need to grow and improve because it’s such a powerful part of me. Help me to be aware, be slow to speak, and be intentional about speaking words of life and love.Help me to say to others the things I long to hear. I want to speak on your behalf, not my own. I want my words to be sweet water, not serpent venom. I confess and agree with you that I have used my tongue to curse others and to break people down. Those people bear your image, so I have used my tongue to curse and offend you. I turn from that choice now and ask you to lead me and help me walk in a new direction. I know that what’s in my heart overflows out of my mouth, so in order for my mouth to be a fountain of fresh, living water, I need you to work deeply in my heart and make it a place full of your love. I can’t do this without you. Please create a clean heart in me so that my words give you joy and bring life to those around me.