Look at the Book

Philippians 3: 1-11

Dear God,

I value many things. I value much in my life: desires I have to do good things, actions I take that seem successful, and objects I have and those I have yet to acquire. But if I could gather everything I’m proud of, every good thing I’ve done, and every success I can find, they would be a pile of manure next to the pure brilliance of the diamond that is your son, Jesus. Help me to make you my goal! Help me to want nothing in this world more than I want to be with you, know you, and love you.

I love you passionately! But I make selfish, short-sighted, and misdirected decisions so often. Thank you for loving me faithfully and graciously even when I do so. Please bring me back to yourself and strengthen my faithfulness to you by helping me see and truly understand your faithfulness and your love poured out for me. The deeper you take that message into my heart and mind, the more it will pour out of my life and help others.

In the worthy name of Jesus I pray,