Look at the Book

Philippians 3:12-13


There are so many things that I’m proud of and that I take credit for… and when I think that I’ve accomplished them by my own effort, I grow prideful, then comfortable, then complacent. When I’m comfortable and complacent, I’m serving only myself, so everything I do passes away like vapor in the wind. I want the things I do to have an impact on the people I love and the world around me.  I want the things I do to bless you and please you. So, God, I want to look for and find the ways you and others have helped me. Make me truly grateful for the gifts I’ve received. And as I focus on gratitude, I will forget my pride and forget those things I take credit for.

I want to run after Christ, to see more as he does, to choose more as he does, and to live more as he does. Help me focus on that, God, so that I continue to grow, mature, and look more like Jesus. I don’t want to be focused on myself, so I will keep my eyes are on Christ and on you. Help me to gently and consistently turn my eyes back to you.

I want to take hold of everything you have for me, everything Christ set me free to grab hold of. I’m moving forward, following you, trusting that you will be with me every step of the way. It’s exciting to think of all that lies ahead, but it can be frightening, as well. I will trust you; help me trust you. I will follow you; help me follow you. You created me as new life when you raised me in Christ. And as I move forward, you will keep making all things in me new. Thank you, God! Thank you! Please help me embrace the new me you are constantly creating.

In Jesus name I ask these things,