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In the month of January we will be kicking off a new series at The Well called, “Too Little Prayer.” The premise of this series is based on the age old idea that “the greatest problem in Christianity (and the Church) is not a complete lack of prayer, but too little prayer.”

In this series we will discover our need for prayer, what prayer is, and how prayer should look in the church and in our individual lives. Not only will we be teaching on prayer, but we will begin to put prayer into practice by praying corporately for 25 days.

Here’s how it will work, every morning beginning January 7th at 6:00am I will start a Facebook Live Event on my personal Facebook Page. I will be praying for revival in our church and in all of our lives. I will do this whether there are zero people or two hundred people with me on this Facebook Live Event. But, YOU are invited to join this Facebook Live event, as we call on God to come through on his promises in our church and in our individual lives. I will do this EVERY morning rain, sleet or snow, weekend, weekday at 6:00AM. Will you consider joining me on this Facebook Live Event? Will you consider committing to 10 minutes of prayer with me at 6:00am?

Now, I realize there are some of you who can not wake up at 6:00am or who do not have facebook. That’s okay, each morning by 6:00AM there will be specific prayer/ instructions on our website so that you too can participate (you will find this starting January 7th on the top of this page in the form of a button called “morning prayer”). Let’s start 2019 off the right way, with the hope that “prayer” will become or continue to be a significant part of our lives not just in 2019 but forever. We are in need of a REVIVAL in our church and in our lives!!!!

If you want to join in on this 25 Days of Prayer, sign up below!

-All you need is a Facebook account:)

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